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Calcotada 2018

Bringing the seasonal flavours and party atmosphere of the Gran Fiesta de la Calçotada to Exmouth Market every Sunday in February, Morito’s set menu will include the ubiquitous charcoal grilled calçots, wrapped in newspaper, served with romesco - the famous Catalan nut sauce. Slurp down the delicious calçots alongside grilled chorizo, morcilla and butifarra with white beans or salt cod with potatoes, green peppers and aioli (and there's a delicious almond tart with traditional slices of chilled orange to round the evening's eating off).

The calçot is a type of green onion from Catalonia, somewhere between a spring onion and a leek. The popularity of the calçot has given rise to the Calçotada - an annual gastronomical event in Valls and beyond, celebrating the harvest of the calçot. True to the Catalonian spirit, it is a great excuse to get together, talk, party and more importantly eat onions! Large bunches, fresh from the earth, are grilled over an open fire until charred then wrapped in newspaper to steam through. The calçots are served on terracotta tiles, peeled with bare hands, dunked in rich romesco sauce made from almonds and peppers, and then devoured. Typically served with grilled meats and washed down with plenty of wine and vermouth.
For £40 per head, Morito diners can experience a taste of the Gran Fiesta de la Calçotada every Sunday night in February.

Dates: 4, 11, 18, 25 February 2018
Price: £40 per head. Sittings at 5pm & 7.30pm
Bookings: or phone 020 7278 7007