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Seafood Festival 2017

Morito's 5th annual Seafood Festival celebrates beach and barrel


Morito’s annual Seafood Festival, or Fiesta de Marisco, comes back to shore this October with a range of innovative dishes celebrating the fruits of the sea in a delicious and innovative new menu. This year each seafood dish will be matched with a particular sherry creating a pairing experience that brings a taste of the sea to Exmouth Market.


To book email or call on 020 7278 7007

Launching on Sunday 15th October and running on the following two Sunday evenings, 22nd and 29th October, Morito will celebrate the Seafood Festival with a four-course set menu with sherry pairings.


The menu will cost £55 per head with two sittings at 5pm and 7.30pm.

Seafood Menu

(Manzanilla Gabriela, Sanchez Ayala)
Olive oil crisps, boquerones, oregano
Sea urchin tarama, seed toast & lemon zest
Prawn, purslane & pistachio salad, purple basil & tarragon


(Fino en rama, Gonzalez Byass)
Cuttlefish kofte & zhoug
Turbot, anchovy & paprika butter

(Oloroso 15 anos, El Maestro Sierra)
Oloroso crab croquetas & brown crabmeat alioli
Black rice, preserved lemon & fennel alioli

(Pedro Ximenez, Emilio hidalgo)
Malaga raisin ice cream


Seafood set menu with sherries £55 including service. Available 15th, 22nd, 29th October 5pm & 7.30pm sittings. To book email or call on 020 7278 7007


Morito will also run a special seafood menu alongside its normal menu, for lunch and dinner, between the 16th and 29th of October.